Expenditures to Kill For

There exists in America today, a cultural oxymoron, i.e. the war on terror.

More than two words, it’s nevertheless an oxymoron because of the two words used, one, war, is presented in a manner of phrasing to signify its benevolent intent of defeating the evil other-the good war will defeat the bad terror-but in reality they both are the same.  Let’s face it, war IS terror because war is terrible.  War is heartache; war is persecution; war is starvation; war is destruction and war is wrong.  These days though we wield war as if it’s some mythical, benign sword of Gideon or somebody, destined to defeat the evil whatever, wherever it is and at whatever cost.  As we move forward in history and with this new global threat emerging, cost for me becomes the operative word.

As I read about the state of The Union, one thing is brutally clear in all of the news reports.  Cities and states are both strapped for cash, coming to the Beltway continually with their hands out.  But the Beltway has nothing for them; we see the results of such in reports of state-wide infrastructure failures, urban school closings, lack of food and housing as well as deficiencies in caring for poor children and their families.

Washington continually cries “poor-mouth”; that is, until we start talking about bombing somebody into extinction.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly cash can be found when we want to engage in an armed conflict with someone.  It’s like cats are running and breaking open some proverbial emergency piggy bank with a sign on it that says, “Break only if you want to fuck somebody up”.

And that’s the problem.  There’s always money to destroy but seemingly never money to build. Oh, to be clear, once we destroy, we commit billions of dollars to rebuild that which we tore down so efficiently.  Problem is that many times, we’ll be coming back again later on down the pike; tearing down, knocking over and eventually rebuilding, again.  It’s an expensive vicious circle that the United States can no longer afford.

Like everyone else in the country, I was appalled and horrified watching the deeds of IS.  When “john”, one of the self-proclaimed Beatles guarding the American captives brutally executed two of them, I was also one of the first to say, get them any way you can and bring them to justice.  Then the President started talking about the cost of such an “operation”.  Truthfully, we can’t afford a $7 million dollar a day price tag to avenge the deaths of Americans traveling abroad of their own free will, regardless of the circumstances of their demise.

Other Muslim extremists, such as Boko Harem who have a penchant of selling their female captives into slavery, are also doing things reminiscent of the atrocities of Nazi Germany.  In the case of IS, the danger becomes tantamount if they’re able to capture sufficient territory enough to force the regions neighbors into identifying them as a caliphate of sharia Islam.  Once that happens and they then have territory from which to base themselves and launch their offensives, the threat they now impose would be greatly amplified.

Still, without the support, both monetary and material, from our world allies, including members of the Arab League and other Arab states, such an endeavor is one that could bring America to its knees, first financially and then socially.  And when you think about it, isn’t that what such extremists ultimately want?

I’m not thoroughly isolationist, the likes of a Rand Paul or even Woodrow Wilson for that matter, but I do feel that from now on, America must look out for her own, first.  It’s only when we have successfully solved our own issues, discovered our own cures, built more of our own schools where they’re needed, fed all of our own hungry citizens, repaired our own roads, bridges and highways, housed all of our own homeless vets and afforded all Americans a decent wage will we be able to re-assume our standing as one of a coalition of world leaders.

Right now and until we do, we won’t be taken seriously in the circles necessary to prompt any real global change.





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