Deferred deportation sends wrong message

When the racial bandwagon was rolling strong acquiring votes for then-Senator Barrack Obama, I raised some eyebrows in the community by standing firm to my belief that Senator Obama was a savvy politician and that we shouldn’t expect him to do anything that differently, in many cases, than what his predecessors had done.  His latest talk of deferred deportations is an example of just what I was talking about.

Politicians, all of them, have stake in the immigration debate and that stake is the votes that they garner for being what is effectively, soft, on immigration policies, in general, and in particular, on the changes necessary to improve it.

In a story reported on, the President is considering his “options” while weighing the possible steps to take in the continuing immigration fiasco.  As an aside, I think it’s appropriate to use words like fiasco, and debacle, or farce even, when talking about American Immigration Policy.  The procedure has been hijacked by illegal immigrants and those that serve them and until we retake it back from them and get on solid ground, re-establishing our procedures that ensure a fair and unbiased settlement of persons coming to America, we’re just simply spinning our wheels and endangering the welfare of citizens already here in the country.

But I digress.

What’s so frustrating is that nobody in Washington seems to be getting “it”, Obama included.  It, of course, is the premise that a country must have a responsible immigration policy that doesn’t pander to any one particular group of citizens or voter lobby.

It’s a principle founded not only on the trust afforded the system by the American people but also on some basic assumptions; the first being that, as a country, we have limited resources at our disposal for our citizens to utilize and live on.  As such, the number of new citizens arriving has to be, at the very least, regulated.

While we don’t want to be isolated from the rest of the world or give an impression that we do not care, we should always strive to care for our own first.   For its only when we as a unified people are healthy, can we then accept and welcome others into our fold.

The second and strongest assumption is one that is totally ignored.  And it’s not an assumption either but rather a fact.  And that fact is: Illegal immigration is criminal and therefore should be stopped.

Continued ignorance of that fact alone, spurs talk of impeachment as it could be argued that the President really isn’t doing much to stop what’s happening.  Unfortunately, he’s like most politicians when it comes to illegal immigration; he’s willing to let it slide, get the party votes and see what happens in the long run.

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