A tool of utility or a cause-and-effect artist?

An eating tool or a cause-and-effect artist?

I bet you didn’t know that spoons can get up and walk about.  You didn’t know that, did you?  Well, make no mistake they can and as they’re walking around they’re continually stirring the pot of adversity, either on the job, in our relationships or just nastily in the general scheme of everyday life.

They’re like their inanimate cousins in that they are always sticking themselves into something, regardless of whether or not it concerns them.  But unlike their doppelganger, the human version is a catalyst of sorts; an evil provocateur emitting bad vibes in the hopes of ruining whatever success you may have achieved.

Spoons are not very bright as they don’t see the damage or harm that they do.  Nor are they decent, thoughtful or caring.  Not entirely sociopaths, they just simply know no other way to engage with their fellowman.  But what they lack in intelligence, honesty and integrity, they more than make up for with cunning, ruthlessness and dishonesty.

I don’t get angry with them or the situation that they’re promoting anymore as I can readily recognize them for what they are.  Besides that most times you can’t really do anything about them like put them back in the drawer or something.  And I think it’s important being able to distinguish an individual as nothing other than a large, human-sized eating and serving utensil.  Once you do that, all that remains is that you be a good cook.

Never let the situational pot over boil.  As necessary, maintain a slow emotional simmer at all times, even in the face of spilled liquid coming from that crock that they’re stirring.  Keep the spoon off your stove of life less it become too hot and empowered.  You’ll find it’s usually best to keep them at a distance anyway, away from your cooking.

Spoons as eating and serving utensils have been with us since ancient times.  They were used in ancient Egypt and spoons made of bone were found in the ancient dynasties of China.  It’s not hard to imagine that their human equivalent was probably around even back then and as the kitchen tool evolved, so too did their counterpart.

The sad thing in all of this is that human spoons are here to stay, just like the other ones.  And in the same way that some people prefer using a spoon rather than a fork, some folks favor these types of dastardly individuals.

So when you find that happening, just think of them all as a malevolent place setting and move on.

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