Introducing Gardening with the Displaced Farmer

A mixture of husky cherry and grape tomatoes, a must in my garden every year.

A mixture of husky cherry and grape tomatoes, a must in my garden every year.

I love gardening.  It probably stems from some seeds I planted as a young man. Even though they sprouted, some weren’t that happy with the evidence of my green thumb; but I digress.  As a city dweller, gardening reconnects me to the land and, at least in my mind, brings me closer to heaven, if you can understand what I mean.

For the past five years, I’ve taken my gardening insights on the road, so to speak, as the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Examiner.  Anyone interested can find my past articles on

But alas, I’m ready to try something a little different.

Gardening is much more than just breaking news, current invents or the latest trend.  Gardening is colloquial, gardening is sharing; an informal allocation of insight and techniques, sometimes passed down from one generation to the next.  Most times though, it’s simply talking; communicating with each other on the plains of what is a common denominator, freshly grown food.  Hell, we all have to eat no matter where we live.

So, the Displaced Farmer will be bringing you (hopefully) the simple joy that I experience when I put spade to soil.  And the emphasis will be on low cost ways to get the most out of what is fast becoming a lifestyle that’s being priced out of the reach of many.  Like I said, “Simple”.

So, that’s it.

Please stop  by, come back often and drop me a line about what you’re growing, what you’d like to grow or just to say hi.  After all, that’s another thing that gardening is about, one person leaning across another’s fence to get a nosy but nice gander at what’s going on and simply say hello.

The Displaced Farmer

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