And while were at it, demand better from ourselves

In Detroit, a man wakes up in his hospital bed, in critical condition, fighting off phantom attackers. The real ones beat and left him for dead in front of a gas station after a traffic accident.

Unlike the callous hit-and-run drivers that routinely plague the city, 54 year-old Steve Utash did the right thing by stopping to assist young David Harris, after the teen stepped off the curb in front of the truck’s path last Wednesday afternoon.

Harris’s injuries were not life threatening yet that didn’t stop a mob of at least a dozen young men from attacking Utash and beating him to the point that he now lies in critical condition in a medically induced coma with a swollen brain.

There’s no excuse for this type of behavior; none.  All it does is paint a bulls-eye on inner city residents as animals with no wherewithal to think and function like decent, law-abiding citizens.

And in case anyone is questioning, yes, when I say inner-city, I mean black people.

How hard would it have been to recognize that here was an individual who was trying to do what was decent?  The men who beat him should’ve seen the broader picture and acknowledged not only the courage exhibited by Steve Utash in stopping to render aid but also the subsequent consequences that would occur if they laid a hand on him.

It’s time for young black men, (and women too because they’re behaving just as badly), to grow up and use the brain that they have.

Violence is rarely the answer to a problem but, sometimes from the looks of it, it’s appears the only response that neighbors are able to provide, regardless of the question.  Whether it’s in the schools or on the streets, it seems we’re more than happy to strike out oftentimes against the very people who’re trying to help us.

Again, it’s time we stopped such actions because failure to do so opens a can of worms that we really don’t want loosed.

Because as bad as you think it is in the hood now, once it seems apparent that lawlessness rules, then all bets will be off.  Police powers will increase, school funding will decrease (why should we bother when all you want to do is kill yourselves) and the everyday functions of city and state administrations will be no more.  And isn’t that what’s happening in Detroit already?

And if you still don’t believe me that it’s a possibility, simply look at the leanings of some Republicans these days.

All young people need to know that this is their world now and it will be what you make of it.  More to the point, I want young black people to make it as non-violent, thoughtful and respectful a world as they can muster.  That’s what the bigger picture demands.

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