A privileged way of dealing with scandal

Hmmm, let’s see.  It’d make you laugh except there’s nothing funny about pols behaving badly.  And we’ve seen this sort of thing before numerous times.

I’m talking about Congressman Vance McAllister caught on surveillance video kissing a married staffer, Melissa Hixon Peacock, in his local office.  In what has to be a surreal example of “it doesn’t get any better than this”, the Louisiana representative, who ran on a Christian ticket of faith and family values, is weighing the possibility of asking the FBI to look into how his infidelity was exposed.  He’s also vowed to run for reelection next year.

So let me get this straight:  He’s apologized to the general public for this abuse of trust, and thrown himself on the mercy of his constituents.  Yet, he’s circling his wagons as the injured party and is seeking some sort of criminal, prosecutorial retribution in the wake of the scandal.   Maybe it’s me but shouldn’t there be some remorse for the improper actions that occurred?  It seems to me that McAllister is only sorry that he was caught with his pants down, figuratively speaking of course.

Did I say, hmmm?  I think I did but it helps to say it again.

While juicy, political intrigue is nothing new, the manner in which politicians are dealing with such trickery is drastically changing.   Time was when a pol got caught being involved in an illicit affair, he first off paraded the wife and possibly the entire family in front of a camera, maybe shedding a few crocodile tears along the way, and proceeded to then beg for forgiveness from the public in an attempt to salvage his career.  After which, he would summarily resign from his post.

That’s since evolved as wives no longer seem that eager to be a part of their husband’s public mea culpa.  Moreover though, today’s politicians seem emboldened to the point that they feel the rules don’t necessarily apply to them; none of them.  Words like ‘cherish till death do us part’ are sentiments for us ordinary folk.  Besides which, resignation seems to be an option that’s off the table.

I’m waiting and anxious for Congressman Vance’s republican colleagues to weigh in and hopefully bring some common sense and return to decency to the whole affair.  But I’m not holding my breath.  House Majority Leader Boehner has been surprisingly mute in the wake of the whole thing.  Funny though that he asked Indiana Rep. Mark Souder to resign after word of his playing patty-fingers got out in 2010.

Maybe that’s the whole problem; the way such affairs are handled down on the Beltway.  Perhaps what’s needed is a true and serious return to old-school family values; where a man steps to the other who’s screwing his wife and, after some deliberation, beats the crap out of him.

Husband Heath Peacock , who’s also a long-time family friend of McAllister as well as a contributor to his campaign, says that the congressman has “wrecked my life” and that he and his wife “are headed for divorce”.  He goes on further to question McAllister’s sincerity saying “he broke out the religious card and he’s about the most non-religious person I know”.  Apparently, it didn’t stop him from contributing over $10,000 dollars to the campaign though.

Oh well, it’s not the old-fashioned can of whipass some would’ve opened up but his anger is a healthy, real and down-to-earth start.

I wonder what Duck Dynasty, wrapped up in all of their anti-adultery and family value trappings, has to say about this?

Video Source: You Tube, Vance McAllister Kissing Video, TheEndisNearNEws, April 8, 2014

Video originally courtesy of The Ouachita Citizen, www.ouachitacitizen.com



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2 responses to “A privileged way of dealing with scandal

  1. V.E.G.

    That’s shocking! A married man had an affair with a married woman is nothing new. Think Lancelot and Guinevere, it has been around before Russia exists, and before Prophet Muhammad was born.

    • Appreciate your wry sarcasm, V.E.G. And you know what, you’re right in that they’ll keep having them, and that’s expected. But that doesn’t make them right or proper, especially pols who run on these types of faith tickets. They should definitely be held to a higher standard than the average Lancelot or Guinevere. Besides, is it me or are they usually the ones who are the worst when it comes to that sort of thing? Maybe we should thank our lucky stars that it was an adult and not someone’s child, huh? Anyway, thanks for the comment and holler back soon.

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