Whatever Happened To Being Nice?

It’s a question I ask because everywhere you look everybody seems to be breaking bad.

You can’t turn on the television without there being some sort of conflict brewing with people up in each other’s faces.

A young girl can’t learn to dance these days without ‘tude and young boys can’t learn the game of football without the prerequisite, intense brashness, oftentimes exhibited in unruly fashion by their very own parents.  You can’t go and buy unclaimed property without total strangers getting all up in your business.  There’s forcefulness in the marriage counselor’s office, impudence at the hair salon, angry assertiveness in the kitchen and real housewives everywhere are just out-and-out mad as hell.

Attitude oozes everywhere, out of all parts of all of our lives, as depicted by our media culture.  In that way it’s become an easily recognizable and commonplace component of our everyday interactions with each other these days rather than being the mixer in those extra-ordinary happenings that, in years past, brought trouble to the situation.  Back then, those episodes were equally identifiable but avoided wherever and whenever possible.

That was then but now it’s a whole new ball game.

With such insolence permeating itself so readily and easily in all facets of our entertainment, it’s no wonder that many people jump at the opportunity to step into somebody else’s world.  After all, if you ain’t bringin’ it then why bother?

That’s what happened recently in a Cherry Hill Mall parking lot in New Jersey.

A woman parked her car and exited her vehicle only to be assaulted by two other women who felt that the parking spot was theirs.  The aggrieved duo then proceeded to assault the lone woman, culminating in one of the pair almost biting off a portion of the first woman’s pinky finger.  No the duo are a wanted duo, their picture splattered across TV and the internet.

That these were two women, jumping into the fray like a bruising, WWE tag-team, is telling.  It’s bad enough when it’s men behaving badly but you know we’re in trouble as a society when women continue to do so.

Someone once said, in extolling the virtues of courtesy and niceness, that all the “bad” men were dead.  They went on to say that the cemeteries were full of such people and that it was always better to be decent, respectful and courteous when dealing with another.

When did that stop being the way to be?

It used to be a commonplace lesson but now unfortunately, it seems to have taken a back seat to a more dangerous one.

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