Soundtracks of Our Lives – Get Thine House in Order

You know in the MIB series, there’s always some reference to the fact that not only is man not alone in the universe, he also inhabits only a very, very small part of it.

I think of that as we prepare for another bout with Mother Nature; with a lot of us probably feeling a whole heck of a lot smaller and insignificant than anything that’ll fit inside a locker at your Greyhound bus station. adventures of astral pirates

So as we run around for supplies and get ready to dig ourselves out of another of the Grand Dame’s lessons, it might be a good time to reflect on who and what we truly are, in the scheme of things, as opposed to what we’d like to think we are.  Let’s face it; man has always had a high opinion of himself.

The old folks would say to get our house in order for those last days in time. I’m not going to profess such doom-and-gloom but current events do make you think twice about such things.

Listening to some tunes today, there were a few that marked a tone of readiness, reconciliation, love and tolerance; along with questions of who we are and what are we doing here.  I’d like to share them with you.

The first is a remake of an old classic from the Chambers Brothers, redone by Maceo Parker on his Roots Revisited CD.  “People Get Ready”  is still the admonition to prepare that it was over thirty years ago.  Whether or not the warning was heeded back in the sixties is open for debate but the song remains a caution that, in spite of all that history has shown us, will probably largely remain ignored today.

Lenny White’s “Universal Love” sings to the love of the family of man, and other beings.  From the Adventures of Astral Pirates, the song speaks to the need for collaboration and compromise, as well as the recognition of how the gift of family can assist in all of man’s endeavors.

The last song for this installment, “Milky Way” is by Marcus Miller from his CD entitled simply, Marcus.  I like Milky Way because it suggests that maybe we’re not originally from here.  It appeals to the sci-fi buff in me, alluding to the possibility that there is something out there much greater than us or anything here on earth and that maybe soon, they’ll (or he) come back to fix the problems we’ve created and just in general, give us a hand to straighten things out.

That sounds a lot like hope to me, and that’s not a bad thing.

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