They’ll Find What They’re Looking For

The original title was, “I See Sneaky People”.  And I had a good premise all worked out for the piece, too.

It was going to be ala Haley Joel Osment, ala “The Sixth Sense”, complete with references to where they are, how they act, sneaky people I mean, what they do, you know the drill.  But I found that channeling the preternatural child of the famed film didn’t really capture what I was feeling about these unscrupulous men and women.  In the movie, the child is afraid of them, whereas in real life when it comes to those sneaky folk, I’m just sick of them.

Because, in fact, just like the movie counterparts, it seems sneaky people are everywhere and many times, they don’t even realize that they’re sneaky.

That they exist everywhere, even where most of us have to be for a majority of our lives, is a bitter pill that doesn’t go down any better with a spoonful of sugar.   But the fact of the matter is that sneaky people seem to thrive today.

And by thrive, I mean they’re multiplying.  It seems that these days for every one decent, friendly, empathetic and approachable individual you meet, there’s three shifty, ill-disposed, underhanded and undermining persons stepping up ready and eager to stir the pot.

Sneaky people have always been around; we all grew up knowing someone like that.  They were the ones who your parents told you that “they don’t mean you any good”.   And it’s those two persons from my past that I’m channeling now rather than Haley Joel.

For my Dad always told me, “they’ll find what they’re looking for”, when speaking about such persons.  It was his version of leave them to themselves.  More so though, it was a statement about the way of things and spoke to how evil, doing harm, will not triumph over doing good deeds or work.  In fact, the best thing that you can do in the face of such peeps is to do well for yourself, be competent, friendly and respectful and above all, don’t let the sneakiness embed bitterness into your psyche.

I know now that what my father was trying to tell me was to worry about the things that you can control and ultimately, you can’t control the actions of such individuals.  They’ll go about their merry, little, slimy way until eventually, they find what they’re looking for. And more times than not, it’s not a good thing for them.  It was good advice then when I was a teen growing up and it’s especially good advice today, as an adult.

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