I’ll Miss Alec Baldwin

I can’t just walk up to a person on the street and stick a camera in their face and proceed to take their picture.  It’s rude and would probably result in my having to fight some sort of battle, in which case I’d more than likely get my ass kicked and my camera gear stolen.  That’s the real world.

But there exists an unreal realm where rude and unruly people can verbally and physically harass a person and their families all in the name of fame, and of course a buck.

This is the land of the paparazzi and the destination that Alec Baldwin is retreating from.

And I must say, I’ll be sorry to see him go; not so much because I’ll miss his acting chops but rather because I enjoy watching anyone in Hollywood standing up for themselves against paparazzi like a regular Joe or Joan Blow.

Every time I read about this celebrity or that one taking a stand against personal intrusion, I applaud the happening.  Why, you ask; because it’s a real and genuine, human sentiment coming from people who we ordinarily think of as wooden or patently “unreal” or phony.

Just because someone makes their living as an entertainer (actor, singer, dancer, whatever) doesn’t give us the right to be a part of their existence 24/7.  Our need for information, for photos, for up-to-the-date minutia about our favorite star is what drives these paparazzi infringements.  And if we stop being so needy then maybe it’ll curb the more aggressive souls out there.

Until then, I wait for the next headline and hope that somebody has gone all Sonny Corleone on a paparazzi idiot; grabbing him up in a Magnum P.I. chokehold, smashing his camera and then throwing some money at him.

God, I miss Sean Penn.


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2 responses to “I’ll Miss Alec Baldwin

  1. They get paid an awful lot more you than you…why? So any Joe can stick a camera into their lives…they are paid to enable people to live vicariously – certainly not for their talents (often). I’m just saying…

    • Thanks for the comment. Frankie. I hear you but for me, I’m not trying to live through someone else and I’ll always respect another man or woman, especially their personal space. I just don’t feel that the “salary” they get, however high, gives us the right to intrude. Don’t get me wrong, if I saw somebody and wanted a photo or autograph even, i’m gonna approach tentatively, call them by their surname and make my request. they say no, i move on with an apology for my intrusion. But guess what, they might say yes because nobody wants to look like an asshole, you know. On the other hand, if they’re nasty then , well bunk ’em, i won’t say what I really mean but you get the drift. For me it’s always about respect. hey, holler back and thanks again…

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