Coming Soon: Soundtracks of our Lives (S.O.L.)

I was in a panic this morning.  I thought I’d forgotten my player but to my relief I found my ride-or-die girl had hooked me up and taken it out of my other coat pocket.

You can say I’m techno-challenged since I’m not sporting the latest in musical entertainment.  We won’t even broach the topic of smartphones.  Let’s just suffice to say that I’m still carrying a first generation Creative ZEN Vision M, 30Gb.   

Like most peeps, I’m lost without my morning soundtrack; which brings me to my whole coming soon thingie.

You ever think about the music we listen to on our players, each of us and how it “fits” us and the days, or nights, we’re having?  I have and that’s what I’m gonna be bringing here in the next couple of days.

See, some days it seems like the player has a mind of its own, producing a string of tunes rivaling anything coming across the radio waves.  It’s truly like a soundtrack to your own film, a film about you.  

So, in the next day or two, I’ll be bringing you the sounds of Ben since music is a great big part of my life.  But I might have to do something about that title; I’m not feeling it for some reason…

 Anyway, check back and let me know how you like it.

Be good


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