From The Barroom to the Boardroom

When I read the story linked below, I had to read it twice to make sure I was getting the true gist.  And after reading it two times, I’m into for a third because, quite frankly, I don’t believe what I’m reading.  Click on the below link and check out the article before you read any further.

At a time when black students across the country are legitimately trying to compete in the college ranks, this protest does nothing to support their efforts.  If anything, it paints something of a bull’s-eye on minority students in that college professors may become reluctant to critique or instruct those students for fear of being branded a racist.

The other harm done is that when you make a charge of racism, you damn well need to be sure, or as sure as you can be, that the charge is a legitimate one.  Otherwise, you sully any future attempts by anyone in your circle to make a similar complaint in the future.

And while I don’t know what was in the instructor’s heart, I do know that if you are not writing on a college level when you’re in college that will become readily apparent.  And if you’re called to task for it then, of course, it’s very embarrassing.

Be that as it may, such embarrassment for failing to know your required curriculum or being able to keep up with other students does not give you the right to make such a frivolous charge.

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s just say that yes, the professor is racist and took pleasure in humiliating those minority students for their poor English skills.  The better statement to make, rather than cry about it, is to become adept at the language.  Learn proper grammar, syntax and writing and then throw it right back in that instructor’s face.

Someone needs to remind those students that there were many who came before them that seriously suffered the bigoted barbs of hate yet they still persevered and learned their curriculum, under duress oftentimes graduating with honors.

They found, just as many of those who followed them, that if the instructor is truly a bigot, there’s no better way to stick it to him than to do well in your studies.

Football great Ahmad Rashaad once said something that I remember still.  He spoke to the need for good communication skills, for African American males in particular.  He said that you have to be ready and able to go from the boardroom to the barroom and back and forth as necessary, seamlessly.

Those students need to recognize that the lesson he spoke of then is still a powerful  and necessary one today.

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