What does the world want from Dennis Rodman?

If the linked article is any indication then it seems to me that they want him to die or, at the very least, go away.

With what has to be the most poignant and unlikely, sentiment coming from the ex-NBA forward since he began his excursions, Dennis Rodman decried that he was sorry, “…I couldn’t do anything”.  But the article simply, and incorrectly, says that Rodman is sorry that he went to North Korea.  In truth, he’s speaking about the release of jailed Christian missionary Kenneth Bae.

Since this whole friendship between Un and Rodman began I’ve wondered just what was on the minds of the many politicians around the world.  Maybe it’s me but I’ve gotten the impression that a good many of them are, frankly, jealous.

Maybe jealous isn’t the correct word to use.  But one thing’s for certain, they do not want Rodman to be the one to broker a peace with this “axis of evil” nation.

Now before you think I’ve lost my mind, think about it.

Such statesmanship is generally left in the capable hands of this Senator or that one, this allied nation or that one, this Secretary of State or some other derivative.  For Dennis Rodman-inked, pierced and edgy Dennis Rodman-to do what all of those before him have failed to do would cast some serious doubt on their diplomatic abilities.

I mean, instead of sending  Hillary Clinton, we’d wind up charging  Magic Johnson with the detail.  It’s a shift in policy that I don’t think the world is quite ready for.

Other articles were more precise in their depiction of what he actually said.  Reuters reported he said, “I’m not the president, I’m not an ambassador, I’m Dennis Rodman, just an individual, just showing the world a fact that we can actually get along and be happy for one day.”

With such straight-up sentiment, one things for certain; he has the humanity down pat.  And as long as he has that, there’s always the possibility that the North will come to the table for more concrete and discerning negotiations.  And how would that be a bad thing?

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