Let me start by first saying that I, in no way shape or form, consider myself a poet.  It’s not that I dislike poetry but it’s not my medium.

But every now and then you may spot something that you want to comment on and when you write what you’ve seen, you find that it possesses a particular meter or flow.  You find yourself saying, “that’s not bad…”.  Or am I giving myself too much of a pass?


Children playing

In the midst of white chunks.

Running, jumping, throwing, sliding

Trapping, slinging, cashing and hiding

From the black and white consequences

Of judicial interventions.


Entrepreneurs or managers

They all can be

Obvious talents are easy to see

As they balance illicit budgets 1, 2, 3.

Save for the history that declares them doomed

And destined to be nothing but the criminals they are

Given proper guidance they could go far

Away from the stone hewn playgrounds of criminal enterprise.


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