On the other hand, Affluenza…

Affluenza is a disease of privilege, wealth and class.  It’s a cause-and-effect virus; one where the behavior of the person afflicted can have an extremely dire effect on others.  It’s always been with us; since ancient times, I think, evident in the way we’ve interacted with our fellowmen throughout history.

The disease in America probably got its start in the early south; its effect causing the subjugation of one entire race of people before mutating and scattering its hardship through other segments of society.  It may not be where it all began but it was where it was allowed to fester and spread.

And once it shot its tentacles through the south and other parts of the country, it was only a matter of time-and history can be so short-before the effect of the virus became even more prevalent to endanger other, seemingly marginalized citizens.  And so it still is today, as the virus continues to mutate and reach additional parts of the country and globe, all the while upsetting different parts of the population.

Before found mostly in the families of royalty and other like lineages, these days the virus can be found in all walks of life but almost always in places or pockets of affluence.

Celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and corporate types are the most likely to contract the nasty bug and as the desire for status among peers has grown over the years along with some incomes, so to has the disease’s occurrence in what was before considered segments of society that were untouched.

While drugs combating the virus in its early years were virtually non-existent, today we have a small but viable arsenal against the spread of the contamination.  First and foremost in our repertoire is Accountability.  Accountability zaps the fight right out of the virus Affluenza.

Of course, more than one dose may have to be applied and you might have to increase the dosage with each new application. But rest assured, with proper adherence to dosage levels of the drug along with adequate in-patient and out-patient therapy, individuals who have the dubious misfortune of contracting the disease can be healed.

In addition to accountability, other therapeutic drugs can be utilized to alleviate symptoms of the disease.  Doctors are having success with tolerance and there’s always justice as a mainstay, like aspirin, to fall back on.  Also, there’s been a lot of buzz being generated by the compounds empathy and compassion but, even after all these years, they’re still in the experimental stage and aren’t quite ready for public consumption.

Still, with judicious use of the drug accountability, anyone suffering from the disease Affluenza can be cured in a relatively short period of time.


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