The Time Lords have to be more diverse than that

When I’d heard that the BBC was about to announce the next actor to portray Doctor Who, I had hopes that this time things might get shaken up a little.  And when I opened up Google News and read that Peter Capaldi was to take over the role, looking at the thumbnail image and not being familiar with the actor, I immediately jumped to an incorrect, yet much wished for, conclusion.  I have to remember to check the resolution of that monitor screen.

Yes, that’s right, silly me, the thumbnail image of the story looked a little dark and I immediately figured that the show’s producers had taken a bold step and given us a black Doctor Who.  Not to take anything away from Mr. Capaldi but, as a fan of the series, I’ve always wondered why that obvious next step in the social evolution of the show has never been taken, especially as the evolution of the show supposedly mirrors man’s own progression.

Not only, why not a black man as Doctor Who but also why not an Asian man, or an Indian or Latino man?  Time Lords are supposed to be universal representatives of all species of men, aren’t they?  So, then unless man has started reproducing asexually then I have to also ask why not a woman, as well?   Could it be that those residents of Gallifrey are just as intolerant as we are and the show’s choices mirror life as it truly is on that distant planet in another dimension?

Of course, I’m joking.  I say that less someone think that I’m really contemplating life on an imaginary star light years away. I’m not that much of a Prydonian, in fact I’m not a registered Prydonian at all. But this year, the choices did include other than white men for the role. So, I guess that’s a start.

The TARDIS from series circa 1980, ©

The TARDIS from series circa 1980, ©

Still, I can see it now; imagine the Doctor, regenerated as a woman, waking up and seeing himself, excuse me herself, for the first time in the mirror and then looking down, inside her bed clothes, saying, in that typical Doctor-ized way that generally takes all things good and bad in stride, “Well now, this is something of a problem.  I have absolutely nothing to wear.”


August 13, 2013 · 10:17 pm

3 responses to “The Time Lords have to be more diverse than that

  1. agreed, its definitely time for a change. i know doctor who started off in the 60s but damn, we are a decade in the new millennium and the show needs to progress with the times. and this is coming from a big DW fan..

    • Hey, I hear you…at least he’s an older dude, Pete Capaldi is. I read where some are at least thankful of that so they can get away from this new “love the doctor” tip that was infesting some of the recent companions. Oh well, next regeneration I guess, hope…

  2. I read today where they found lost episodes with Patrick Troughton in black and white. Wonder if they have plans to show them? They’re from circa 1968. Supposedly they have the first appearance of Brigadier general Leftbridge Stewart. Wouldn’t mind checking them out or any of the old classic doctors with Pertwee or Baker even.

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