Democrats don’t own the immigration debate

I just finished watching the news, the big thing tonight, immigration reform and the plans laid out by both Congress and the Administration.  I came away with a somewhat troubling feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It’s getting a bit old of how the Democrats demonize Republicans in this talk.  Truth is, they do sometimes make good points; and I’m a democrat and can still say that!  Any reform has to be fair and balanced and it should include some sort of cost/penalty/fine (whatever you want to call it) and that’s where a lot of the trouble will come from.  Peeps are already talking about how it’s “robbing the poor”.  While it might be a hardship to many, it’s necessary, I think.  Undocumented workers are, in fact, here when they shouldn’t be and are breaking the law.  There should be some penalty for that.  How much is a legitimate question but to excuse it would be a mistake.  I await further details of both plans but have to think that the best plan is one that incorporates some of what both parties want.  If neither democrats nor republicans are happy then it’s probably a good thing for the American people.

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